Ecuries Lalande Laborie

Les Ecuries de Lalande- Laborie is a young training and trading stable that sells horses at competitions as well as horses.

We can also look for the horse that suits you. All horses are trained daily and you can find us at competitions every weekend.

About us

Sanne Udink has been involved in equestrian sports since 2002 and has trained with several trainers such as Rob Ehrens, Bruno Jazede, Ali Mohajer and currently Martijn Verpoort. Sanne Udink has ridden at a 3-star level, both internationally and nationally.

The Stables

Our ‘les Ecuries de Lalande-Laborie’ stables have been open since April 2019. We also offer the possibility of renting stables to outside customers. For prices please contact us.

Lessons & outings

In the summer, outside rides and lessons are available at the Lalande-Laborie domain for guests. If you contact us, we can arrange private lessons.

Sale of horses

Are you looking for a horse at an international level? Or a pony for your 10 year old daughter? Send an email so we can help you with this search!


Kindly contact our staff